About Marketing Firepower

Jeff Dostal, Pres. Marketing Firepower

Some outside radio sales consultants think the only way to produce new or increased revenue is to cut the rates. This is simply not true.  As you know, once you cut a rate you establish a new value for your station’s advertising.  Rate integrity is essential if a station is to maintain trust with advertisers. Further, when value is created in the mind of the advertiser the proper budget at the proper rate follows.  Jeff has great credibility with advertisers.  He has that quality or power to inspire business owners’ belief in radio advertising. Jeff brings a new selling dynamic to the market as the “expert over fifty miles away.”  Jeff and Van Coker have been working as a team since 2005 to create advertisers’ belief in the power of radio.  As you know, the advertiser’s belief in radio equals the advertiser’s budget.  You may contact Jeff Dostal by email at  jeff@marketingfirepower.info or by phone 402-817-4864 for more details.

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