Marketing Bridge Club (MBC)


The Marketing Bridge Club (MBC) Mini-seminar video programs will create a belief in radio advertising to achieve your client’s business goals through the exclusive use of radio advertising. This means your clients will invest all or a major share of their long-term annual budget with your stations.

Radio Advertising Professional (RAP)

The Radio Advertising Professional (RAP) online training course features 18 basic radio videos that will create the sales rep’s belief in the power of radio when used properly. The Advanced RAP online video training teaches the sales reps how to achieve Maximum Advertiser Budgets, Budget Allocation and Annual Budget Distribution.

Hire The Pros

Hire The Pros to come to your community to conduct Marketing Bridge Club seminars resulting in new or increased annual advertiser budgets, conduct Value Story campaign development and write and produce the on-air campaign.

The Skills Course

The Skills is a series of radio-specific interactive team training sessions. The Skills introduces the new tutorial system of interactive sales rep involvement in the learning process. The tutorial training system will improve your sales team’s listening skills, assure effective selling and people-skills and guide them to better communication skills.

Norton’s Book

The book David Can Still Beat Goliath, subtitled Radio Advertising is David’s Slingshot is the handbook, the bible for empowering local small business prosperity in America.

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