Marketing Bridge Club


“The more you educate (your client) the less you have to ‘sell’ (your client).”

——Roger Utnehmer, radio station owner, Sturgeon Bay WI


The Marketing Bridge Club (MBC) mini-seminars are easy, time-efficient and welcomed as a way of educating advertisers about marketing, the media and the effective and profitable use of radio advertising.

We call it Push-Button Education for the advertiser. They love it. They get excited about investing all or a major portion of their budget in radio.

All advertisers, large or small, will benefit from the MBC Mini-seminars. They will ask to include some of their internal marketing team in the next round of presentations.

  • We supply all 18 Marketing Bridge Club videos that make up the MBC Mini-seminar curricula.
  • The videos are directed towards and speak to the advertiser.
  • Each MBC Mini-seminar takes about an hour.
  • All you need to do is invite your advertisers to a Continental breakfast.
  • Set up a TV in a local motel or restaurant conference room, connect to the Internet and then play the videos.

You’ll be amazed at your advertiser’s response.

After your clients have attended all four MBC mini-seminars, you will have created an advertiser loyalty and trust for your stations and your sales team.

The Marketing Bridge Club Invitation Packet

Presentation options include a four-hour station-sponsored event whereby the advertisers can set aside a morning for the Marketing Bridge mini-seminars. You may present two MBC mini-seminars one week and two more the next. Or you can present the MBC Mini-seminars once a week for four weeks. The goal is to have all of the invitees attend all four of the mini-seminars. You may choose to present the MBC mini-seminar package 3 or 4 times a year.

Cost for a Marketing Bridge Club 12-month membership is $1000 (monthly rates available).

Membership includes:

  • Unlimited use of the Marketing Bridge Club videos during membership for the education of local advertisers on the power and effective use of radio.
  • Complete instructions for choosing the advertiser participants, the rules of effective facilitation of the mini-seminars and e-mail or phone support for questions or comments.
  • Guidance for developing an effective radio campaign and establishing the proper annual budget for the advertiser.

For more information please contact Norton Warner by e-mail or at 402-944-2655.

The Marketing Bridge Club Course

First MBC Mini-seminar — Marketing Basics

(34 minutes of video)

The Battlefield (3 min.)

The battlefield is the mind of the consumer. You win or lose on this battlefield. The decision to buy your products or services is made first in the mind of the consumer. Your weapons are the advertising media. The ammunition is your message. Most businesses are firing blanks and wondering why their advertising isn’t working.

The Marketing Bridge (8 min.)

Marketing is the process of attracting and keeping customers. Marketing keeps the customer coming back. It’s the repeat business that makes your advertising profitable. When supported by a strong Marketing Bridge, advertising can be a very profitable investment. If not, it may become just another expense.

Advertising Communication Process (7 min.)

Advertising’s only selling function is to communicate. What advertising communicates will either win or lose the battle for the consumer’s mind. This concept, when understood and practiced, is the beginning of an effective ad campaign.

The Buying Funnel (7 min.)

The Buying Funnel demonstrates why your advertising decisions must coincide with the way your customers make their buying decisions. This concept makes the case for consistent “all-the-time media sales calls”, telling your story and inviting customers to come in.

The Weapon of Choice (9 min.)

Most advertisers perceive all media as performing the same function. They will often say, “Advertising is advertising no matter what medium is used.” This is false. All media are different. All media have different strengths and weaknesses.

Second MBC Mini-seminar — The Effective Use of the Media

(35 minutes of video)

Frequency Sells (6 min.)

Frequency Sells demonstrates the need for frequency to assure an effective and productive advertising campaign. We will show you how you can achieve frequency of message exposure with any size budget. The smaller the budget…the more time required. The larger the budget…the less time required to achieve frequency.

Concentrate and Sell (8 min.)

One of the major budgeting mistakes is scattering your ad budget all over the market. The objective seems to be to reach as many prospects as possible. As you know, reach without frequency is a waste of your ad budget. You are most effective when you identify your most profitable customer…then concentrate on and sell those you reach with frequency of ad messages.

Create Centers of Influence (4 min.)

Radio’s intrusiveness penetrates the battlefield of the consumer’s mind. Every listener gets your message whether they want it or not. Radio’s entire listening audience becomes a center of influence, an outside sales force, that will magnify your reach a hundredfold. This means you don’t have to “reach” everyone in your market to “sell” everyone in your market. Radio becomes your “electronic word-of-mouth.”

The Concept and Your Success (17 min.)

The advertising clients used in this program are long-term accounts…real people. They concentrated all or nearly all of their budgets on radio. This means they can attribute their success to the exclusive use of radio advertising. You will be introduced to the Radio Chain of Effectiveness. Every link in this chain must be strong and compelling to assure the effective use of radio advertising. This is the responsibility of your radio sales representative.

Third MBC Mini-seminar — Your Advertising Campaign

(37 minutes of video)

Value Story and Promotional Advertising (4 min.)

Promotional advertising appeals to the pocketbook. This customer is only loyal to the lowest price. Value Story advertising appeals to the heart, the emotion, the mind, with non-price benefits. The loyal Value Story customer is your most profitable and most dependable customer.

The Promotional Campaign (7 min.)

A Promotional Campaign requires more media budget. If your budget is not sufficient to assure proper reach and frequency within the limited time of a promotion or event, dissatisfaction with your advertising is inevitable.

The Value Story Campaign (6 min.)

The concept of creating an effective Value Story campaign is very simple. Whatever benefits attracted and kept current customers, when communicated consistently on radio, should attract and keep new customers. This means: the message is everything!

The Value Story Interview (3 min.)

The Value Story interview should uncover the major selling promises that attracted your current customers. Your ad campaign messages should include these selling promises. Every customer benefit, no matter how insignificant, should be considered for your Value Story campaign.

Value Story Homework (5 min.)

The Value Story Homework exercise should identify all your innovations, important differences, compelling reasons to buy, unique strengths, competitive advantages. and extra-mile efforts to serve the customer. Any associate that has any contact with your customers should be included in your value story homework and discovery interview.

The Sperry Campaign (12 min.)

All the discussion about an ad campaign, value story information, the homework process, the ad scheduling and telling the total story to an advertising medium’s total audience will make sense when you watch the Sperry Campaign.

Fourth MBC Mini-seminar — Are You Winning?

(29 minutes of video)

Only In America: A small business success story (9 min.)

In 1991, Judson Byleen, Judson Irrigation, said, “I either need to grow my business or find another job.” In a little over 10 years of using radio advertising exclusively, Judson Irrigation was in the top 200 of over 40,000 irrigation contractors for sales and service in America.

Measurement (9 min.)

It’s best to establish measurement standards before your long-term schedule begins. Once you make a commitment to a radio advertising campaign, and the ads reach the air, the evaluation process begins. You ask, “How can I measure the effectiveness of my advertising campaign? How do I know my advertising is working?” This video addresses these questions.

Expectations (11 min.)

Unrealistic expectations are the leading cause of cancellations and disappointment with advertising and the media. Sales representatives are often guilty of “selling enthusiasm,” “commercial puffery” or over-promising and under-delivering. You must accept full responsibility for providing compelling messages and innovations that will attract new customers and build and maintain a Marketing Bridge that will keep new customers for life.

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