The Skills Course

Radio advertising is arguably the most intangible product in the world. The more intangible the product the more important the role of the sales representative in the buying decision.   —Norton E. Warner

The Skills training objectives are to improve listening skills, assure effective selling and people-skills, better communication skills and remain on target when calling on advertisers. The tutorial method training system used in The Skills is a method of learning that is conducted by a facilitator for a small number of participants. Its effectiveness is maximized by the trainee’s participation and involvement in interactive discussions. 

The Skills is a series of radio-specific interactive team training sessions. All examples, stories, “bloody noses”, advertising and radio situations are street experiences from successes and failures, trial and errors or problems and solutions. They have been gathered from years of training individual high-producing career sales reps.

The Complete Skills Program

The Skills training materials include:

  • Facilitator Guide for the instructor.
  • Fifteen CD’s with forty-five short segments to encourage trainee interaction. Each of the forty-five segments can stand alone as a topic for interactive participation.
  • Application Guide for the trainees, a printed presentation of The Skills’ subject matter.
  • Radio Background information booklet for new sales reps.
  • Ask A Pro booklets for required sales rep homework.

The information and examples in The Skills are coordinated and consistent with the Marketing Bridge Club Mini-seminars, the Radio Advertising Professional (RAP) curriculum, the book David Can Still Beat Goliath, Marketing Firepower for generating station income and The Concept video programs.


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